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Got a comment not related to a specific review? Seen a film you want to recommend (or anti-recommend)? Just want to say ‘hi’?

This is the place for off-topic chat!

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  1. therevdd says:

    We’re really quiet around here lately. I hope everyone is doing well under the current circumstances and taking care of themselves.


  2. lyzmadness says:

    Well, I’m here. So I must be about to apologise, right?

    Yeah. Sorry. I’ve been dealing with a family medical emergency (not the obvious one, which frankly is just piling on at this point), and pretty much everything else has fallen off the table.

    I’m hoping to start picking up the pieces over the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, there is an update at Et. Al, which sadly enough represents almost the sum total of what I’ve been able to watch in the interim.


  3. dawn says:

    I have now found something worse than the OCR. The OCR with a rooster.
    I just watched War Gods of the Deep (aka City in the Sea) with Vincent Price. It was about 90 minutes, with 20 minutes of the heroes wandering through underground passages (with the rooster), and 20 minutes of an undersea chase (with the rooster inside one of the heroes’ diving suits). Very little time for the actual plot, which tried to cover an ancient sea curse, a deserted underground sea, immortality (until you get in the sunlight), and a heroine who is maybe Price’s reincarnated wife, although maybe 4 sentences covered that part.
    I love Vincent Price, but this movie strained my love for him.
    I’m having fun watching good, bad, and terrible movies right now..


    • Jim says:

      I approve of watching the good and the bad to maintain the cosmic balance. After purchasing and watching seasons one and two of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I cleansed my palette with Velocipastor.

      Some, but I think not from the regular visitors here would argue those are both bad. Buffy is remarkably well written at times. And very well written the rest of the time.


  4. Commander Benson says:

    My friend, I would love to see you tackle ISLE OF THE DEAD (RKO, 1945), produced by Val Lewton, starring Boris Karloff and Ellen Drew. I saw it a few years ago and recently viewed it, again. It’s just up your alley, as it has a major plot thread of science vs. superstition. The story’s central threat of septicemic plague has a certain relevance to current affairs. But, most important, I’d love to hear your take on it. This was one of those rare films for me, in that the first time I saw it, I really didn’t know what it was about. It emerged as one of my favourite Karloff films.

    Sorry to read about your family medical emergency. I sincerely hope that has resolved itself for the better, or at least is on the mend.


    • lyzmadness says:

      Hello, my dear!

      Of course I should have gotten to all of the Lewtons by now (“should”, ha!), but I too have a fondness for Isle Of The Dead as being one of the lesser-known ones…and of course for Boris…and for “vorvolaka”, which I say obsessively whenever I watch it. You are quite right that our current circumstances add to its interest, though there is plenty going on there anyway.

      Thank you, I appreciate that.


  5. Jim says:

    Speaking of movies with violence and children (although not as graphic as Lone Wolf and Cub) this is the perfect place for some experts to help me track down a title. It’s a western, and eventually the family is either in a cabin or in circled wagons with Indians attacking. The boy was played by not the greatest actor, apparently, as when shot (I believe fatally) with an arrow instead of a blood curdling scream of pain like AAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! all he said was, “Ow.” “Ow.” “Ow.”

    It seemed so unnatural and fake it caused my whole family to bust out in inappropriate laughter.


  6. lyzmadness says:

    Yes. Well.

    My previous effort at getting things moving again didn’t exactly go to plan. Hopefully this time around it sticks. In the meantime, you may take these posts as a promise of better things.

    And of course as an apology. Always an apology. Lots of apologies…


    • therevdd says:

      I don’t think you need to apologize, considering your last post above and what you’ve no doubt been going through, but thank you nonetheless. As for “better things,” well, your two most recent offerings definitely fit in there, considering the quality of the movies you’re reviewing (the quality of your writing never being in doubt, naturally). As you can imagine, I’m quite giddy about one in particular!


  7. dawn says:

    just a quick family update you all might appreciate.
    I posted on Facebook, saying in part, “I’m not sure what’s happening next, but I’m afraid zombies will be involved.”
    My brother commented, “Just remember, headshots on the zombies.”
    Yep, we’re definitely related.


  8. Sebastian Howard says:

    I read your review on pumpkinhead and am watching the movie rn and wanted to ask you, in the review you say “Chris is weak, not deserving of Tracy,” why? It seems like he’s well intended and tried fighting the other guy before getting knocked out. Clearly Steve comes across as the best guy in the group of people as he’s the only one who stays with the kid but Chris did try to fight the other guy and hasn’t come across to me as overly weak or anything.


    • lyzmadness says:

      Well, I wrote that about fifteen years ago so it’s all a bit fuzzy; you’ll have to wait until I get around to a re-watch / revision, to see if I can figure out why I said what I said.


  9. Sebastian Howard says:

    I made a comment almost over a week ago and it said it had to be approved by mods and then just never got pushed through, wth?


  10. Dawn says:

    just checking, are you still ok? a lot of stuff happening this year.


  11. therevdd says:

    Well, Lyzzy, you’ll be happy to know you don’t have to worry A Chinese Ghost Story. All three movies are on Amazon Prime right now. Also The Bride with White Hair and its sequel, which I’ve also been waiting to see. I’m going to be set for this holiday weekend, for sure!

    I hope all is well with you. Or as well as can be expected in Hell Year.


    • lyzmadness says:

      See above. 😦

      You’re very wise to go ahead on your own, as that has *still* not come out of the box. I’m glad you found another source: at least that’s one teeny but of guilt off the table…


      • therevdd says:

        Oh, hon…I’m so sorry to hear that. You know where to find me if you want to talk about anything.

        No guilt was necessary about that, although I’m not one to talk about unnecessary guilt. I still feel bad about those movies I have for you, even though there’s really no way for me to get them to you at present.


  12. lyzmadness says:

    Right. Let’s try this again. Again again.



  13. Eric Balzer says:

    Lyz, I thought you might like this. A baseball player helps a bug.


  14. Dawn says:

    what a surprise, votes are still being counted. I’ll spend the next few days watching all the movies I recorded from TCM. The Mummy, The Mummy, The werewolf, The Ghoul, Island of Lost Souls, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, The Leopard Man, and a bunch more.


    • dawn says:

      Just an update, I’m watching ‘The 4 Skulls of Jonathan Drake’, and I learned something new. To shrink a head, you have to remove the skull! I never realized that, although it makes sense once you think about it – bone is pretty much unshrinkable, without a lot of brute force.
      I’m embarrassed to think that if I was ever asked how to shrink a head, I would have been woefully wrong. I’m not sure when I would have been asked that (maybe Jeopardy), but now I’m a little more prepared.


  15. therevdd says:

    I feel like I speak for everyone when I say GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE to The Year Which Shall Not Be Named. I hope you’re all well, and may we get more wonderful reviews from Lyzzy in the new year.


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