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Flug in Gefahr (1964)

“…und hatte keinen Fisch zum Abendessen…”   [Translated title:  Flight In Danger] Director:  Theo Metzger Starring:  Hanns Lothar, Ingmar Zeisberg, Günther Neutze, Benno Sterzenbach, Klaus Schwarzkopf, Wolfgang Stumpf, Willy Semmelrogge, Heinz Weiss, Günther Hoffmann, Rose-Renée Roth Screenplay:  Theo Metzger and … Continue reading

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The End Of The World (1916)

“It is God’s punishment…”   [Original title: Verdens Undergang] [aka The Flaming Sword aka The Last Judgement] Director:  August Blom Starring:  Olaf Fønss, Ebba Thomsen, Johanne Fritz-Petersen, Carl Lauritzen, Thorleif Lund, Alf Blütecher, Frederik Jacobsen, K. Zimmermann Screenplay:  Otto Rung … Continue reading

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Et Al. June22

The Golem (1915, incomplete) Original title: Der Golem; also known as: Monster Of Fate. This was supposedly the first filming of Gustav Meyrink’s novel, Der Golem, which itself drew upon Jewish folklore in its tale of 16th century Rabbi Judah … Continue reading

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