Immortal Dialogue: Films I – N

The Lost City (1935):

Mad scientist:  I must have more power!
Sane scientist:  Zolok, you have already discharged enough electrical energy into the atmosphere to destroy a hundred cities!
Mad scientist:  I’ll have this cosmic condenser holding the power to destroy the world!…if I desire it!
Sane scientist:  When I invented these instruments, I did it for the benefit of mankind!

Mad scientist:  Stand by the enlarging machine!

Scientist’s daughter:  Can’t we do something to keep him from creating more living dead men?

Mad scientist:  Put him in the brain-destroyer!

Mad scientist:  You are in the Lost City of the Ligurians. As you may know, the Ligurians were master-scientists. I am the last of that race—carrying on the electro-magnetic traditions of my people!

Mad scientist:  He’ll do as I say or I’ll put him in the enlarging machine! I’ll control his brain, even if I have to make him a white giant!

Slave-trader:  I understand you make supermen?
Scientist:  That is true.

Hunchbacked assistant:  You remember these creatures? They were all black once! – but your magic made them white!

Hero:  You’re a genius!
Sidekick:  Sure was unbelievable!
Scientist:  Science can accomplish ANYTHING!

Scientist:  My inventions were intended to benefit people, not destroy them!
Jungle queen:  Then you refuse?
Scientist:  I must! Never again will I use my science for selfish motives!

Jungle queen:  Is it true you can make giants who can keep their own minds?
Scientist:  Yes. But Zolok would never permit me to do so.
Jungle queen:  Then if my men were made into giants—they would still know that Rama was their queen?
Scientist:  They would!
Jungle queen:  You and I—we will be friends!

Mad scientist:  It is fitting that you should be here to witness the first major experiment of your own invention—the Destroying-Ray!

Scientist:  The mad scientist of the Lost City will torture you no longer!


The Man Who Changed His Mind (1936):

First male doctor:  And where is Dr Wyatt going?
Second male doctor:  Into the wilds, to work for a mad brain specialist.
Female doctor:  Eccentric!

Male doctor:  There’s something queer about him now.
Female doctor:  There’s always something queer about a genius.

Scientist:  I had to have help in my work!
Patient:  But why a woman?
Scientist:  She’s a scientist!
Patient:  A female scientist!? All tears and hysterics and can’t keep a secret!

Patient: I wonder which revolts you most? – my twisted body or my perverted mind?

Scientist:  You are thinking that I am changed. You’re right: I am changed. The leading surgeon in Genoa; the greatest authority on the human brain…until I told them something about their own brains! Then they said I was mad!

Press baron:  Why have I spent a fortune on scientific research? Because these days, it’s news; properly handled, front-page news!
First editor:  If you say so…
Press baron:  I don’t say so: it’s a fact!
Second editor:  But I have other views—
Press baron:  There are no other views!
Second editor: Then what do you want us to do?
Press baron:  Nothing! Not a thing. You know I never interfere in the conduct of my papers!

Scientist:  Until now it has never been possible to, as it were, extract the thought-content from a living brain, and leave it alive but empty. I can do it! I can take the thought-content from the mind of a living animal, and store it as you would store electricity!

Male scientist:  Each has got the mind of the other! – the personality, the likes, the dislikes – the things that, if they were human beings, we would call the soul!
Female scientist:  If they were human beings!?
Male scientist:  Why not?
Female scientist:  You can’t do that!
Male scientist [after a pause]:  No; I can’t do that

Male scientist:  I understand: I’m old. But don’t you see? – with this new power I needn’t remain old! I can take a new body, a young body, and keep my own brain!


Monster From The Ocean Floor (1954):

Scientist:  Did you know that over 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water? Why, the Pacific alone here has an area of over 73 million square miles! The Atlantic— Oh, I’m sorry! There I go, making noises like a biologist again!

Scientist: Those tiny active particles are various forms of protozoa, for their size the most deadly in the world. It’s lucky for us they never grow any bigger than this!

First scientist:  Some pretty good-sized fish stray into that cove. My guess is, she snagged onto an irate stingray. Hmm… Doesn’t look like the flesh of a stingray…
Second scientist:  Or any other fish I’ve ever seen!

First scientist:
  I’ve got an idea: let’s see what some of this canned meat will do to this stuff… Why—it’s disintegrating!
Second scientist:  Intercellular absorption!

First scientist:
  Why, it’s assimilating the meat! Organic life of some kind…but – but what?
Second scientist:  It could be an amoeba, but I’ve only seen it in the most minute size.

First scientist:
  What could cause it to grow out of proportion this way?
Second scientist:  It could be one of many things. A freak accident. Dietary supplements. It even could be caused by—the radiation from the Bikini explosion…

First scientist:  It could absorb a man!
Second scientist:  Or—a woman…!


Night Of The Bloody Apes (1972):

Doctor:  I have good news for you, Julio. Your analysis show a definite improvement. In the weekly seminar that was called early this morning, all of the doctors have definitely agreed with me that your infection has been detained.

Doctor:  The transfusions of human blood have been ineffective against this terrible leukaemia. I feel that the blood from an animal as powerful as that of a gorilla might annihilate whatever is causing the cancer in the blood.
Assistant:  But are you sure his system can stand the transfusion?
Doctor:  As it is now, no.
Assistant:  Well, then, why are you going to run the risk?
Doctor:  I am going to use the gorilla’s heart
Assistant:  You’re going to – !?
Doctor:  Transplant the hearts. Julio’s for that of the gorilla. Move the table over to the cage – and prepare the gorilla!

Doctor:  Come! Help me to drag the cadaver of the gorilla over to the incinerator.

Female wrestler:  I’m very frightened!
Policeman:  Are you starting the same thing all over? Why don’t you think about something else? You know what riders do when they get thrown from a horse? They remount in the act!

Female wrestler:  What’s the matter?
Policeman:  Just that I, uh, I’ve got problems with you. I don’t know how to tell you…
Female wrestler:  Well, just tell me!
Policeman:  It’s just that I saw Ramon, the sergeant, and he told me that—
Female wrestler:  That the chief has to see you in his office immediately!
Policeman:  Tell me how you knew!?
Female wrestler:  Because every time you invite me out to dinner, you stand me up! You never have a night free for me!
Policeman:  But that’s duty, my love!
Female wrestler:  My love, my foot!

Doctor:  I was prepared for everything – but not for this! I was prepared for a case of refusal, for auto-immunisation, which might affect the normal tissues, such as the pleura, and the red blood cells. But I never thought it would affect the cerebrum!
Assistant:  The cerebrum?
Doctor:  Yes. And what is more probable, is that the heart of a gorilla is much too potent for any human, and the volume of blood to the cerebrum, which couldn’t control this great pressure, damaged the superior parts. And when this happens, man becomes—an animal, completely without control, giving origin to the transmutation. The malignancy of the case is, that the process might occur each forty-five seconds – the time it takes for the blood to circulate through the normal body. At times as much as a minute, or a little more, if the person is in a state of unconsciousness.
Assistant:  How much time, master, for this transformation?
Doctor: It’s always impermanent. It might last for days, or hours, or minutes.
Assistant:  Are you trying to tell me that, at any moment, Julio might turn to normal?
Doctor:  That’s right. But his cerebrum will have the lesion forever. And he might repeat the transmutation, converting once again into a beast, or vice-versa; this way continuing the cycle.
(So, we all clear about that?)

Doctor:  Suddenly an idea occurs to me, before it becomes too late!
Assistant:  What is it, master?
Doctor:  Invert the process, before the lesioned cerebrum becomes irreparable.
Assistant:  Invert the process? I don’t understand.
Doctor:  To do a new transfusion, and a new heart transplant from a human; from a person still alive, to – him.
Assistant:  But a person acting as a donor in this would die!
(And you call yourself a lab assistant!)

Doctor:  Remember that woman whose skull operation I did? Just what we need!
Assistant:  But that would be a crime!
Doctor:  But justifiable! That woman will die regardless. A little sliver of bone lesioned the cerebrum, and if by some miracle she lives, she’ll be an idiot for the rest of her life!

Elderly woman:  Oh! A dead man! A dead man! A dead man! A dead man!
Policeman:  Who yelled?
Elderly women:  I did, sir! There around the corner, there’s a man and he’s dead!

Doctor #1:  And now, doctors, I think our duty is to report to the authorities.
Doctor #2:  But that would be disastrous for the hospital!
Doctor #3:  Our colleague’s right! Our reputation would suffer for it!
Doctor #1:  True. We find ourselves in a situation that’s difficult. But please recall that the persons who accompanied the sick woman when she came here would be obligated to—
Doctor #4:  Pardon me for interrupting, doctor, but permit me to remind you that the woman had been prohibited all visitors since she came out of the operation.
Doctor #5:  Of course! That gives us the opportunity to account for her disappearance!
Doctor #3:  But only a few days, no more!
Doctor #1:  Very well, doctors. But, uh—then what are we to do? And meanwhile, what are we to say to the personnel of the hospital? They all know what’s going on. [Long silence] Of course, if her infirmity is now critical – or a high fever might produce what commonly is called delirium…. Of course, the woman might have been a sleepwalker…?
Doctor #2:  A sleepwalker! Any sleepwalker gets up! Then she could have jumped out of the window and escaped!
Doctor #3:  Or got lost! I’ve got the solution!
Doctor #1:  And that is, Dr Lopez?
Doctor #3:  We’ll tell the personnel of the hospital that this woman, in a state of somnambulism, has disappearing – and that we ask the most absolute discretion for the good name of our hospital – while the directors conduct their investigation of the case.
Doctor #2:  I agree with Dr Lopez! And besides – we must give a strong reprimand to the personnel!

Policeman:  All of the crimes were committed in this sector. And now look at the prints they picked up from the window at the scene of the first crime. Show them the pictures, please.
Analyst:  Observe these! Those lines on the first print are human, but the others aren’t. Maybe they belong to some animal I’m unable to identify.
Policeman:  But they’re not made by two different persons. Or to put it more clearly, it’s that the two of them were made by the same person or thing, whatever it may be, person or animal.

Policeman:  We’re face to face with a terrible reality. What I’m going to say just might sound absurd – and it could only happen in this century – but from all of the proofs you’ve just seen, and the declaration of the young girl, I have come to this conclusion: that whatever committed these atrocities is a beast, yes, but a horrible half-beast, half-human!
Chief of detectives:  I’ll say that’s absurd! The proofs are circumstantial! It’s more probable that of late, more and more you’re watching on your television many of those pictures of terror!

Newspaper editorial:  —and I believe that some horrible half-man, half-animal is responsible for the crimes that have been committed. It’s unbelievable that such things can happen in the 20th century! What are the authorities doing to clear up the case?

Doctor:  It’s necessary to get him out of here while he is still asleep.
Assistant:  No danger by trying to move him?
Doctor:  That’s a risk that I’ll have to face. Possibly he’d recognise where he is, causing traumatised emotions – and a crucial nervousness that could give rise to a new transformation.

Policeman:  Poor fool! The desire to save his son from death was the cause of so many people’s suffering!
Female wrestler:     It’s unfortunate. Really sad.


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