Immortal Dialogue: Films T – Z

Zombi Holocaust (1980):

Mad doctor:  Now I’m about to open the juggler vein, and insert a bypass which will release the blood pressure on the brain. The blood extracted will later be re-administered at the end of the operation.

Mad doctor:  Patient’s scream disturbing me; performed removal of vocal cords!

Mad doctor:  Chandler, yours is a typical example of median intelligence: enough to discover the existence of my secret, but absolutely incapable of understanding it!
Hero:  You’re a bloodthirsty lunatic!
Mad doctor:  Such a banal judgement!

Mad doctor:  The difference between your science and mine is that I don’t limit myself to correcting Nature’s imperfections. I improve on Nature! I’m on the verge of discovering the key to increasing Man’s lifespan to over a hundred years! Do you see these bodies? I can bring them back to life when I want!

Mad doctor:  I’ve worked on this project for years. In the beginning I was only able to use local natives. I told them that whoever submitted themselves to my experiments would become divine. And I wasn’t lying!
Hero:  And I suppose it’s thanks to you that they returned to cannibalism?
Mad doctor:  It was an ancient religious rite which I induced them to revive.

Mad doctor:  Molotto! Prepare the operating-table! I’m anxious to experiment on a male Caucasian brain!

Mad doctor:  Tomorrow morning I will transplant your brain into one of the cadavers you saw in the other room. You will die, only to live again in a younger body. Then you can tell me if the operation was a success; what it’s like to pass from life to death, and death to life. In a few minutes you’ll be fast asleep. Sweet dreams!

Mad doctor:  I make a point of giving the scalps to the natives to use during their traditional fertility rites. They believe that by wearing them, it increases the male potency. Blond hair is thought to be doubly effective!

Mad doctor:  You nearly succeeded in destroying my life’s work! I could easily kill you now, but I’m determined to have your brain! It will be the culmination of my career!


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