Immortal Dialogue: Films O – S

Project X (1968):

Scientist:  Once the psycho-barrier has been activated, you cannot restore memory!

Scientist: How much has Dr Crowther told you?
Nurse: Only that Hagan Arnold was on a special mission in Sino-Asia. Did he fail?
Scientist: No, no, on the contrary, he was quite successful. He was sent to confirm the rumour that the Sinoese were mass-producing male babies.
Nurse: Only boys?
Scientist: Scientific breakthrough!

Military man:  Dr Crowther, I would like to see a much more positive attitude!
Scientist:  Colonel, whatever Hagan Arnold knew has been erased from his mind.
Military man:  Are you sure?
Scientist:  Absolutely sure? No, I’m not. It could conceivably be lurking somewhere in the depths of his subconscious—but how on earth are we going to dredge it up?
Military man:  You’re the scientist!

Evil Asian dictator:  What do you say about us? Ah, yes! – we are inscrutable. Indeed. I shall not disappoint you, and will remain inscrutable—and tell you, Mr Arnold, that we will conquer the West! You find that amusing?
Hero:  Frankly, I do!
Evil Asian dictator:  You will not provoke me into revealing what I have in store for your people!

Military man: We’ve got to find out what that message meant!
First scientist: We’ve tried.
Military man: As far as I can see, not hard enough!
Second scientist: There’s resistance, and that resistance is in Hagan Arnold’s brain.
Third scientist: Dr Crowther was right.
Military man: I’m not interested in who’s right or wrong! I want results!
Second scientist: There’s nothing else we can do! Now, you’ve got to reconcile yourself to that fact!
Military man: It’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever get involved with scientists again!

Scientist:  It’s absurd! How could I make an agreement with Sino-Asia? I’m a scientist! What would I have to gain?
Military man:  We’ll let a Board of Inquiry determine that!

First military man: You can’t just let us die!
Scientist: Oh, it can’t be helped, unfortunately! But if we all keep our heads, I think we can confine these diseases to our own little group.
Second military man: Our own little group!?
Scientist: We must remain absolutely calm. The fever will come on slowly. At first, it will be hardly noticeable. Then there’ll be physical signs—swellings, sores. Bone-crushing pain…
First military man: Oh, my God!
Scientist: The dead must be cremated by their surviving companions, who will in turn, of course, be disposed of by their survivors, and so on… The clothing should be burnt, also; ultimately, the buildings; until finally, the last man dies in what will be, I’m afraid—indescribable agony…


Rocketship X-M (1950):

Male pilot:  This is the hottest crew I’ve ever worked with! Particularly the brains department.
Male reporter:  Yeah…very attractive, too!
Male pilot:  Yeah, I agree. But – you can quote me on this! – unless you look like a test tube or a chemical formula, you haven’t got a chance.

Male pilot:  Now, don’t get mad at me—but can’t you ever relax? All these weeks, months, I’ve been watching you: nothing but work, work, work. Now, I’ve been wondering: how does a girl like you get mixed up in a thing like this in the first place?
Female scientist:  I suppose you think that women should only cook, and sew, and bear children?
Male pilot:  Isn’t that enough?

Male scientist:  There must be an error there.
Female scientist:  I have made no error, Dr Eckstrom.
Male scientist:  I have to say you have made an error—and discard your figures. I’m sorry.
Female scientist:  Don’t be.
Male scientist:  Surely you’re not going to let emotion enter into this?
Female scientist:  Certainly not.
Male scientist:  We’ll continue computing using my figures as the basis.
Female scientist:  Yes, Doctor. Except that I feel very strongly I should say that—we should try both.
Male scientist:  We can’t. To complete either calculation will take 6-8 hours. We can’t afford the time. It’s either one or the other, Dr Van Horn.
Female scientist:  But it doesn’t have to be! You can’t be arbitrary about imposing your will when these people’s lives are at stake! Don’t you realise that? You speak as calmly as if you were saying, “Pass the salt”. Aren’t you human? Are you made of ice?… I’m sorry. I apologise.
Male scientist:  For what? For momentarily being a woman? It’s completely understandable, Miss Van Horn.

Female scientist:  Doctor—can we be quite sure that these proportions are safe? We never proved it by experiment.
Male scientist:  The mathematical theory is beyond question.
Female scientist:  But of course, we know—sometimes it behaves unpredictably!
Male scientist:  Woman’s intuition again?

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