Immortal Dialogue: Films O – S

Project X (1968):

Scientist:  Once the psycho-barrier has been activated, you cannot restore memory!

Scientist: How much has Dr Crowther told you?
Nurse: Only that Hagan Arnold was on a special mission in Sino-Asia. Did he fail?
Scientist: No, no, on the contrary, he was quite successful. He was sent to confirm the rumour that the Sinoese were mass-producing male babies.
Nurse: Only boys?
Scientist: Scientific breakthrough!

Military man:  Dr Crowther, I would like to see a much more positive attitude!
Scientist:  Colonel, whatever Hagan Arnold knew has been erased from his mind.
Military man:  Are you sure?
Scientist:  Absolutely sure? No, I’m not. It could conceivably be lurking somewhere in the depths of his subconscious—but how on earth are we going to dredge it up?
Military man:  You’re the scientist!

Evil Asian dictator:  What do you say about us? Ah, yes! – we are inscrutable. Indeed. I shall not disappoint you, and will remain inscrutable—and tell you, Mr Arnold, that we will conquer the West! You find that amusing?
Hero:  Frankly, I do!
Evil Asian dictator:  You will not provoke me into revealing what I have in store for your people!

Military man: We’ve got to find out what that message meant!
First scientist: We’ve tried.
Military man: As far as I can see, not hard enough!
Second scientist: There’s resistance, and that resistance is in Hagan Arnold’s brain.
Third scientist: Dr Crowther was right.
Military man: I’m not interested in who’s right or wrong! I want results!
Second scientist: There’s nothing else we can do! Now, you’ve got to reconcile yourself to that fact!
Military man: It’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever get involved with scientists again!

Scientist:  It’s absurd! How could I make an agreement with Sino-Asia? I’m a scientist! What would I have to gain?
Military man:  We’ll let a Board of Inquiry determine that!

First military man: You can’t just let us die!
Scientist: Oh, it can’t be helped, unfortunately! But if we all keep our heads, I think we can confine these diseases to our own little group.
Second military man: Our own little group!?
Scientist: We must remain absolutely calm. The fever will come on slowly. At first, it will be hardly noticeable. Then there’ll be physical signs—swellings, sores. Bone-crushing pain…
First military man: Oh, my God!
Scientist: The dead must be cremated by their surviving companions, who will in turn, of course, be disposed of by their survivors, and so on… The clothing should be burnt, also; ultimately, the buildings; until finally, the last man dies in what will be, I’m afraid—indescribable agony…

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